When Houry approached us to help her with her online presence, we understood the need to stand out. It wasn’t about building a website for another personal trainer. We were building a holistic lifestyle brand.


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The philosophy

Houry’s philosophy goes beyond personal fitness. She helps her followers lead a healthy and fulfilling life with every means at her disposal. She not only gives daily exercise routines but tips on how to eat better, sleep better and even breathe better. This comprehensive approach to lifestyle needed to reflect in her brand identity from the logo to the website functionality.



A holistic lifestyle is built on principles of love, individuality, and innate healing power. We structured the Station Wellness website in line with these principles, with each page serving as a reminder to visitors to live life to the fullest.   


We have paid special attention to icons and created ones, corresponding to the functionality of the website.


it’s not only a contact page

We have constructed an innovative, interactive and exceptional contact page to offer an alternative to a traditional design.


mobile responsive

A healthy lifestyle needs to be attainable to all. With that in mind, we conceptualized Station Wellness to be accessible to Houry’s followers on the go.  The site’s fully-responsive design means that users can make full use of its functionality on whichever platform they prefer.

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