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WeRecycle - The smart way

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digital experience

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Recycling Services AG

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UI/UX Design


Website Development

about the project

WeRecycle is a swiss community-based waste management service with the mission of making recycling as simple as ever. Subscribers receive a WeRecycle bag which they can fill with any recyclable material. Unlike your average municipal recycling service, no sorting is required. The bags are then collected on a regular basis and brought to special recycling centres where the contents are carefully sorted and sent to their partners to start their new lives as recycled consumer products. WeRecycle is committed to making recycling as easy as possible for its members and the world a little greener. The team at WeRecycle gave us total creative freedom when designing their new site -- the only requirement being that it look nicer than their competitors’. Of course, recycling is their specialty, not ours. What we’re best at is coming up with creative ways to transmit our clients values through the visual medium. So we designed a site that needs no explanation.

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the result

No need to reinvent the wheel though. Green is the internationally recognised colour of environmental consciousness - so no surprise, it features prominently in the site’s design language along with blue. We made a conscious decision to keep the text at a minimum and use illustrations to convey everything from the basic concept to necessary instructions. Every single icon and drawing was custom made in house. The front page depicts an animated ‘microcity’ featuring a typical swiss mountain setting complete with crisp alpine lakes, trains, and sources of renewable energy. The traditional swiss cottages are being serviced by WeRecycle recycling vehicles and driven off to be reused in ecologically friendly ways. WeRecycle told us that their primary goal was to make recycling as effortless as possible for their members, so we adapted that philosophy in our web design as well. The site works just as natively on a desktop as any tablet or smartphone. Ordering a pickup is as intuitive as ever.


Honorable Mention - awwwards


Anginé, Creative Director

Aramé, Project Manager

Kristina, UI/UX Designer

Mariam, Ilustrator

Narek, Motion Designer

Vazgen, Back-end Developer

Styop, Front-end Developer

Armen, Front-end Developer