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UI/UX design


Website development

Motion design

about the project

WestEast is the one of the leaders in the field of flexography printing in Russia. The absolute emphasize on the quality of the final product became the cornerstone of the company's current success. To achieve the next level of company development their team decided to put more resources in creating digital presence that will clearly distinguish them from their competitors and become the basis of their ever growing digital marketing strategy.

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the result

Our team's goal was to create a fresh and modern look to the company's brand new website without disregarding the long history of the company. From the very beginning our team of designers was inspired by the whole spectrum of the services that West East provides through the colorful combination of CMYK. Considering the more conservative approach to the brand, our team encountered various obstacles in the process of refreshing the digital presence of the company through creating a completely modern look and providing a new impulse for the digital presence of the company.


Anginé, Creative Director

Hovig, Art Director

Sofia, Account Manager

Kristina, UI/UX Designer

Narek, Interactive Designer

Hrach, Development Team Lead

Saro, Front-end Developer