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Backbone Branding - Imagine to transform

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Digital experience

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Backbone Branding

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UI/UX Design

Graphic Design

Interaction Design

Website Development

about the project

Have you checked out the Backbone Branding website? It's a showcase of their amazing work and design skills. What's cool about it is that they keep it simple and minimalist, letting their work do the talking! With a clean layout and lots of white space, the website is easy on the eyes and lets you focus on what really matters - their designs! The use of big, bold typography adds a touch of modern style that totally matches their branding philosophy.

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the result

When you land on the Backbone Branding website, you feel a sense of calm and focus that's hard to find in today's noisy online world. The site's minimalist design is a breath of fresh air, and it's easy to explore their portfolio and learn about their services without getting overwhelmed. Plus, the typography is just plain cool! It's big and bold and makes you feel like you're part of something special. All in all, the Backbone Branding website is a great reminder that sometimes less is more. If you're looking for inspiration for your own website, take a cue from Backbone Branding and keep it simple and stylish!


Anginé Pramzian, Creative Director

Robert Ohanyan, UI/UX Designer

Rimma Chobanyan, UI/UX Designer

Anna Babujyan, Graphic Designer

Anna Hamamjyan, Motion Designer

Hrach Martirosyan, Development Team Lead

Karlen Nersisyan, Front-end Developer

Mher Ghalumyan, Back-end Developer

Arman Antonyan, QA