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Ohanyan Brandy Company

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Ohanyan Brandy

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UI/UX Design

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about the project

Ohanyan Brandy welcomes you to a captivating project that artfully blends the authentic heritage of Armenian brandy-making with a contemporary twist. The essence of this historical brandy company comes to life through an engaging and interactive online platform. Created with a profound appreciation for tradition, this innovative venture aims to showcase the artistry of Armenian brandy in a modern and immersive way. Step into the virtual realm of Ohanyan Brandy and embark on a journey through time. Experience the rich legacy and time-honored craftsmanship of our brand, masterfully presented through visually stunning portrayals and captivating soundscapes. Our commitment to authenticity and reverence for history shines through every detail of this digital experience.

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the result

Ohanyan Brandy's immersive project has garnered widespread acclaim, captivating brandy enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Praise has poured in for its innovative approach to storytelling and the seamless integration of modern technology into the traditional world of brandy-making. The platform's meticulous attention to historical accuracy and dedication to preserving Armenian craftsmanship have resonated strongly with its global audience. Through interactive features, brandy lovers from diverse backgrounds have come together, creating a vibrant community that celebrates the art of Armenian brandy-making. Ohanyan Brandy stands as a shining example of how modernity can revitalize and showcase authentic heritage, keeping the spirit of tradition alive for generations to come. Step into the realm of Ohanyan Brandy and experience the harmonious blend of history and modernity that sets our brand apart.


Anginé Pramzian, Creative Director

Gohar Vardevanyan, UX/UI Designer

Arpi Gasparyan, Graphic Designer

Anna Hamamjyan, Motion Designer

Hrach Martirosyan, Development Team Lead

Mher Ghalumyan, Back-end Developer

Mher Sargsyan, Front-end Developer

Karlen Nersisyan, Front-end Developer

Arman Antonyan, QA