Retail Interior

We were tasked to design and build Saroyan Hipster Store.
The interior is made of rough elements to create unity and volume by arranging and strapping industrial elements.


The design intention was to create a warm ‘hipster lifestyle’ experience. In this vein, the interior feel was towards a workshop studio than an exhibition room. We worked around the concept of “the new framing the old” where the environment within the store appears like it is in the past.
Combining new with old.


The minimal interior decorated in cozy woody hues and black electrostatic painted water pipes, with a New York style brick wall, welcome customers with warm feelings and retro objects, browsing through Shabeeg brand t-shirts and Saroyan’s men grooming accessories.


Design elements

Most of the decorative elements we used in Saroyan store are vintage, an old Armenian carpet (Kilim from Artsakh 1941), Armenian deer horn, 50’s typewriter, old camera, furniture and old suitcases. The most handsome shop, from head to toe.


candle packaging

Modern packaging with a neutral pallet, the goal was to create packages that would stand out from the crowd. Packages that not only reflect the crafty spirit of Hipster concept, but also a vintage style that is also popular for home décor.


Light me up

Inspired by the candle, its amazing aesthetics, and a tiny detail – some wooden matches. We decided to use matches and include in the packaging, so you can light the candle as soon as you opened the box, old style is always better.


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