Armenia is undergoing a revolution in brandy-making. Though the cognac tradition of the Armenian Highland was previously well known to connoisseurs throughout the former-Soviet Empire, the fall of the wall exposed this eau-de-vie to the rest of the World. Following the success of better-known cognac brands, smaller artisanal productions have begun searching for new markets abroad. One of these family-owned operations, Armat came to us with a proposal to refresh their online presence.
Our challenge was to build a new website that would reflect ARMAT’s status as a world-class cognac-maker, & introduce it to new audiences without alienating it from its humble roots as a family-run enterprise.



We spared no effort in offering site visitors and cognac aficionados an immersive experience, soaked in generations of cognac tradition and craftsmanship that defines the brand identity. In an era where nameless international conglomerates control the industry, family-owned, independent vineyards attract nostalgia for a simpler time. This personal touch to viniculture is reflected in the user experience.



To craft a site design that conveys the values of a small cognac producer, we went down to the basics. Every design element is inspired by ancient Armenian motifs, such as grapes, vines, and mountains. We wanted to highlight this manufacturer’s proud history, and describe every element of the production process.


We worked hard to achieve a seamless design for the optimal user experience. Site visitors can effortlessly scroll through the collection, or visit other sections by dragging the page.