our services

We help startups and businesses build complete products – from brand strategy and identity to websites and branded e-commerce platforms. Over the years we gathered a team of professionals united by the same mission, to create outstanding experiences that will help businesses and have an impact on our industry. We craft ultimate concepts through intersecting the most creative design with the latest technological innovation.

brand experience

Branding isn’t just something you learn about in Marketing 101––branding is everywhere, even if you don’t notice. A brand is the set of emotions and values that the general public associates with a particular organization, company, or even individual identity. Branding is the science––nay, art––of conveying to your audience just what emotions and values you or your project stand for. It communicates to them how they should feel about you, and how associating with your brand presents them to others.

Brand identity and positioning

Naming & verbal identity

Research & brand strategy

Visual identity

Motion design

digital experience

The internet has changed the way companies interact with their audiences by offering a new set of digital experiences that can be harnessed towards creating more meaningful relationships with customers. We can help you leverage new technologies like 3D imagery, animations Virtual and Augmented realities to fundamentally change the way customers interact with your brand.

UX/UI design

Web design

Website development

Mobile and web app design


product experience

By thinking through a broad range of questions, we can improve the brand experience and session-by-session interaction while building lifetime customer and brand value. When it comes to bringing these new products and services to market, we will work with you to help define the roadmap, design the experience, and establish technology solutions for both the short-term advantage as well as long-term success.

Customer experience development & content strategy

Product strategy & roadmapping

Product development + Service vision

Experience design: UX/UI (User Experience & User Interface)

Full-stack development

e-commerce experiences

Brick-and-mortar experience can be great sometimes but at Concept Studio our goal is to create an outstanding online shopping experience that will be both interesting and engaging allowing people to interact with the website more and with more fun. It’s a whole science behind ecommerce websites that is embraced by our team to help our partners succeed,

Market and landscape research

Communication design

Interaction design

E-commerce stores

Front-end and Back-end development


While project success is what matters the most, awards are what keep us appreciated and eager to achieve more. It’s good to see that, every once in a while, we get recognition for our works.