brand experience

Branding isn’t just something you learn about in Marketing 101––branding is everywhere, even if you don’t notice. A brand is the set of emotions and values that the general public associates with a particular organization, company, or even individual identity. Branding is the science––nay, art––of conveying to your audience just what emotions and values you or your project stand for. It communicates to them how they should feel about you, and how associating with your brand presents them to others.

It is the cornerstone of every business. It’s not only the visual identity or the logo of the brand that is the most important element of branding, rather the message, values and the concept behind it. While creating a completely new brand identity we focus our attention on creating a brand experience which will be connected to the people and convey the values and principles that the company stands for.

Branding Dienstleistungen

  • Brand identity and positioning

  • Naming & verbal identity

  • Research & brand strategy

  • Visual identity

  • Motion design

  • Brand guidelines

work process

01 step

Everything begins with research

Research is the most fundamental step in all our activities. Every creation of brand experience starts with a thorough research on the industry trends, buyer personas, target audience etc. It is a massive process that helps us to work on visual design with strong basis and fundamentals

02 step

Let's do a workshop

We believe that our partners should be constantly involved in the development of their brand experience especially from the very beginning. That's why every project that we are working on starts with workshop session, when our team and partners get on the same track.

03 step

Naming and concept creation

After completing the research and workshop session, it's time to work on the naming and concept creation based on the results gathered in the previous steps. The most challenging part of this step is to create a brand which will be the greatest match to your target audience.

04 step

Visual design

During this step, we create all the visual elements, starting with the logo, icons, graphical and printable elements, motions and other elements that the project requires. When everything is done, we work on the guidelines to make sure that the brand is consistent across all channels.

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