e-commerce experiences

Brick-and-mortar experience can be great sometimes but at Concept Studio our goal is to create an outstanding online shopping experience that will be both interesting and engaging allowing people to interact with the website more and with more fun. It’s a whole science behind ecommerce websites that is embraced by our team to help our partners succeed,

Being a ‘digital-first design agency’ means that we’ve brought designing experiences from analogue to the digital sphere––just like you’re bringing the art of commerce from brick-and-mortar to the online marketplace. If visibility, product placement, store arrangement and customer experiences were key for the success of your Main Street storefront––so are they on the e-commerce platforms where your customers are more likely to find you! That’s why our approach includes creation of branded e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce Development Services

  • Market and landscape research

  • Communication design

  • Interaction design

  • E-commerce stores

  • Front-end and Back-end development

  • Quality assurance

  • Performance optimization

  • Web hosting

work process

01 step

Diving deep into the company values

As the website is the most common touch point of the clients with the whole brand, it’s our responsibility to represent the brand in a way that will fully describe them (the brand). But before that, what we need to do, is to fully embrace the business by ourselves and dive into all the characteristics and values that it has.

02 step

Understanding the market

After meeting and carefully studying the brand our team begin to get acquainted with the other important component of the business - clients of our client. Analyzing who is going to use what we are creating is clearly a fundamental component of successful e-commerce website.

03 step

Crafting the experience

Creating branded ecommerce experience starts with creating a user journey, user personas and user experience. Carefully understanding every step that a user should undertake become a cornerstone of the final experience that users enjoy. Our goal here is to convert as many views into buyers as possible. This follows with the creative process of user interface creation and its adjustment to brand identity.

04 step

Making it real

Creation of the whole experience does not end with UX and UI, but continues with equally important process of development. You may create great UI/UX but if development is not the best, say goodbye to your “maybe someday loyal” customers. We put tremendous effort to make development as good as user experience and user interface. In order to keep the consistent quality of our products we implement agile methodologies into our process, turning the website into an evolving creature even after completing the development process. This means that it’s our responsibility to take into account user feedbacks to constantly improve the experience.

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