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whowe are?

a digital-firstdesign agency

With almost a decade of experience in the creative space, Concept Studio reframes the digital realm through the lens of design aesthetic. We’re the sort of full-service creative agency that brings design thinking to every aspect of what we do: from branding to digital experiences, with imaginative product experience and technological avantgarde in between.

established in 2012

Concept Studio is a full-service design agency itching to leave our mark on the digital world! Our work style is defined by a wide range of strategic collaborations as well as the wealth of experience collected by working with clients from all sorts of diverse industries. We are based in Yerevan, Armenia with a satellite office in Berlin, Germany

what we do

We incorporate the vast and diverse set of experiences that our staff bring from every corner of the industry towards developing unique and impactful digital solutions that fit your industry. We craft bespoke experiences at the intersection of creative design and the latest technological innovation. Our creative services include:


We pride ourselves in hand-crafting bespoke experiences that push the technological boundaries of modern design. It’s good to see that, every once in a while, we get recognition for our work.


United Nation
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
Levon Aronyan
Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia
European Parliament
Atelier 16

our values

What makes Concept Studio unique is our partners. When we first started as a design agency, we made a promise to ourselves to honour our creative impulses and never create a boring experience. That’s what our partners appreciate about us, and what we love about our partners: the readiness to risk the out-of-the-ordinary. But that’s not all we value:


we never missed a deadline and are not planning to. Of course, creative projects take time, but we also know that our best work happens under the pressure of deadlines – we’ve never missed one!


we believe in being upfront with our clients about costs, expectations, deadlines and everything else. That’s what successful relationships are built on!


there is an Armenian dish called the “Lahmajun”. Think of it as a delicious thin-crust pizza. They’re produced in bakeries in an almost chain-style production line and look nearly identical when they come out of the oven. Our promise to you (and to ourselves) is to never produce Lahmajun websites. Each one of our products are unique from one another, but all carry Concept in their DNA.

Form follows function

like the old adage, we’re not into delivering projects that just look pretty. The aesthetics derive from our product’s ability to provide an effective solution to your problem.

Team work

we know that everyone has a unique talent to offer the world, but the key to delivering beautiful products is to harness these skills in unison.