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Color matters, but why don’t we often think about it?

Since childhood, we have all had our own experiences with each color. Everywhere we go, color is there; yet sometimes we do not consciously take note of its presence and the multitude of its variations and combinations. We take it for granted, missing the great deal of meaning and depth it can reveal.

But what is color?

“Light and darkness, brightness and obscurity, or if a more general expression is preferred, light and its absence, are necessary to the production of color… Color itself is a degree of darkness.” - Goethe

Goethe’s theory is a powerful interpretation of the magic of color. Through various degrees of “darkness,” the range of colors exist in our world and before our eyes, every day.

This array of colors simultaneously evokes innumerable and vastly different emotions and memories for each of us. While many scientists claim that specific colors influence our mood, behavior, and the way we interact with our environment, anthropologists argue that color is subjective to cultural interpretation. Whatever the answer, few of us could imagine a world without a splash of color.

We are accustomed to color in our world, and we recognize the objects, food, and even some living things by their color.

Have you ever seen a red banana?

Of course not.

Maybe a blue lemon?


The point is, we identify specific items with certain colors.

For us, yellow has an exciting character. It is the color nearest to the light. It loves to embrace. It extends itself gently and widely into the world until it reaches blue and folds together, producing shades of comforting green.

What is yellow to you? Is it the sun? A lemon? Your working space? A submarine? You decide. We already know what it is to us.

Rooms painted with yellow bring out the best emotions: joy, energy, optimism. Yellow inspires curiosity and original thinking. No other color properly evokes the passion and drive with which we work on our design projects. No other color truly represents our dynamic company culture as appropriately or genuinely.

The color yellow is like us: it loves a challenge — particularly a creative challenge — it’s a great communicator, a gregarious friend, and a loyal companion. Yellow is the color of a happy extrovert, a curious traveler, and an eager artist. It is a journalist with open eyes and ears: asking questions, listening, communicating, and seeing all sides with clarity.

So there you go. You will notice a lot of yellow in our brand. This, of course, is not by accident. Concept Studio’s yellow Scooter features prominently on our website, delivering a welcoming and softly-humming warmth onto visitors interested in our projects.

Indeed, Concept is our own vehicle in which we take to reach a deeper dream within the depths of design’s limitless landscape.

Like what you see?

Hop on — we’ll give you a ride.



Anginé Pramzian

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