ReAnimania is an annual International Animation Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia. For one week a year, audiences enjoy creative animated films in a variety of genres. To attract the attention of the best animators in the world, the festival organizers needed an outstanding website. That’s where we came in (oh yeah)! However, we knew it would not be easy. Especially considering the talent and critical acclaim the festival attracts, the stakes were high. We paced, we brainstormed, and we labored — and after much work and many sparks of creativity, we developed this site using sophisticated and imaginative solutions.



To emphasize the galactic theme of the website, we used a background of the moon traveling from one portal to another. As the moon moves, so does the user, navigating through pages showing the infinite possibilities of animation. The background visuals of countless, distant stars reflect the limitless creative potential of the festival. We paid close attention to detail with every movement throughout the experience of the site. The moon curves and orbits through this vast space and so does the user. No spacesuit required.



We all like to explore galaxies, right? ReAnimania is a huge “galaxy” in its field, gathering the best creative and talented minds to explore the range of depth, imagination, and possibilities within the immense realm of animation. We took that metaphorical galaxy of possibilities and designed a visual universe of colors and movement within the site. Of course, it was also essential for users to easily navigate through the website to find all the information they need. All the pages are designed in a way to connect the galaxy theme yet clearly convey all the details professional animators and audiences need. Come and explore the site, and take a trip through the cosmos!



One of our main challenges was to create a website accessible for all possible screens. Despite the sophistication and complexity of the pages and graphics, we created a smooth and responsive website that takes all users on a journey through the possibilities of animation. Grab your laptop, phone, or your spaceship screen and hop aboard!

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