Gawatt Coffeeshop is a franchise of stores modeled to serve densely populated urban areas in an on-the-go environment but they are not regular stores, they sell emotions in cups. Gawatt gets its name from metrin derivation of power – Watt, which we use to measure the “emotional force”.

We designed a website for Gawatt that conveys their uniqueness. The mission is to promote the brand and its products.

a single platform to serve multiple needs

Prior to the launch of their new, store system, Gawatt approached us to create a promotional product website, for consumers and those who are interested in buying a franchise. We had to make it interesting for the consumers to explore yet it had to be so easy for franchise buyers to find the information they are looking for.


Gawatt was built with our own front-end framework and mobile fluid grid system. Special attention was placed on modular scale typography and a nice vertical rhythm. All sizes are in percentages, using flexible and fluid containers that conform to any screen size or resolution.