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Zoya's Pantry - Your one stop organic online store

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Zoya's Pantry

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Brand identity and positioning

Visual identity and motion design

Brand guidelines

UI/UX design


Website Development

Über das Projekt

Considering the more conservative approach to the brand, our team encountered various obstacles in the process of refreshing the digital presence of the company through creating a completely modern look and providing a new impulse for the digital presence of the company.

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the result

As Zoya’s Pantry uses organic products and healthy ingredients, we tried to create a brand identity and ecommerce website in a way for the user to be surrounded by a great variety of healthy products. We paid attention to make every small detail look perfect from the color to the animation. Although being an e-commerce website, we implemented various micro-interactions making sure that the users will enjoy their shopping experience with a very user-friendly website.Our goal was to break the stereotype that ecommerce websites should be user friendly but plain and boring at the same time. That's why we created a super convenient user experience and at the same time enriched the website with little elements that will follow the user throughout the shopping experience.


Honorable Mention - awwwards


Angine, Creative Director

Hovig, Art Director

Armen, Account Manager

Mariam, Graphic Designer

Narek, Interactive Designer

Hrach, Development Team Lead

Mher, Back-end Developer

Armen, Front-end Developer

Styop, Front-end Developer