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Anginé Pramzian

By Anginé Pramzian


Complexity. The word which accurately describes the modern world. Everyday, new methods are developed to help our projects reach perfection. When speaking about a successful and fully-functional website, it is worth mentioning the significance of a wireframe and its core benefits. Before jumping straight into the main topic let’s briefly go through what a wireframe is.

What is a wireframe?
A basic visualization of the future website containing some layouts, navigational structure and other elements, which will help both the client and designer understand the concept they should concentrate on. Wireframes do not contain any colour, logos or font sizes: only pure structural representation.

Here’s the most important question: why do we need a wireframe? The Wireframe itself plays one of the most crucial roles in delivering a successful website and adds various advantages, which, if ignored, can lead to even bigger issues.

As a client:
– Wireframe helps clients visualize the functional aspects of each page and eliminate redundancies to focus the website on what’s most important. Moreover, it may contribute to a clearer business plan for some clients. It’s very likely that some functions can be changed during the process. Without it, an uncertainty can occur for both sides: web designer and the client.

As a designer:
– Increase the functionality of the website. When creating a wireframe, you immediately pay attention to the website’s user experience and functionality. Very often some designers who underestimate the importance of wireframe become so passionate about the design that they forget about the most important component of a website – functionality. Also, a further development of a wireframe can become an excellent instrument for designing a fully responsive website.
– Time is the most valuable commodity in life and it seems obvious that you want to sacrifice it for those long and sometimes almost infinite phone calls with your clients. It is much more efficient to understand the project at the very early stage.

When it comes to wireframes, it becomes more obvious that although it needs time to be created, the first thing that you should consider is the ultimate opportunity cost that you will pay when developing it. As we think at Concept Studio, every project needs to be done to perfection.